US Wellness Meats Flat Iron Steaks


Four steaks per package is perfect for a party starter or family dinner. Flat Iron Steaks are a very affordable Paleo alternative for great grilling. Pound for pound, Flat Irons are a great value for nutrition and price.

US Wellness Meats leaves the center seam in the Flat Iron to verify it is from the very tender blade muscle. The marbling the Flat Iron possesses makes for magical tenderness on the very first bite.

Each package contains 4 (8.5 ounce) Flat Iron Steaks and weighs approximately 2.125 pounds.

All of US Wellness Meats’ beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

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We take deep pride in our grass-fed steaks at US Wellness Meats. We’ve handpicked each of the sustainable family farms we work with to ensure that every single steak we sell comes from cattle that live in thriving pastures, eats completely grass diets, and is free from all preservatives and additives like growth hormones, GMOs, and antibiotics. It’s steak as nature intended it, and believe us — you will taste the difference.

Grass-fed and finished steaks are typically leaner and include higher levels of Omega-3’s, CLA, branch chain amino acids, and essential vitamins. If you’re tired of questioning the taste and sustainability of your steaks, then you have found your people. Take a look through our delicious and wide selection including our top-sellers like beef ribeye, t-bone steak, and filet mignon, fire up the grill, and then experience for yourself what meat should taste like.