Menopause Health from Crila®


Estrogen Free Menopause Relief

Helps Relieve Hot Flashes and Night Sweats, Support for Uterine and Ovarian Health.

THE ROYAL WOMEN’S HERB: Clinical Science shows that Crila eases hot flashes and night sweats* Known in Vietnamese herbal traditions as “The Royal Women’s Herb”, Crinum latifolium has a long history of use in reducing the uncomfortable effects of menopause and peri-menopause. Taken regularly, Crinum latifolium reduces the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and sleep-disrupting night sweats, naturally.  If you want to know how to stop hot flashes fast, you need to try Crila for Menopause.

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PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Crila is a proprietary, clinically tested, concentrated extract from a unique cultivar of Crinum latifolium L var. crilae Tram and Khanh. Our ingredient’s antioxidant activity and alkaloids provide consistent, gentle support for the human reproductive and hormonal systems. Contains No Phyto-Estrogen.

ESTROGEN FREE– Crila for Menopause is the research-proven, natural, and estrogen-free alternative you’ve been looking for. Pairing herbal traditions with leading-edge research and cultivation, Crila Health uses a unique Crinum latifolium cultivar that is optimized for its beneficial alkaloid content. This herbal source is confirmed estrogen-free (no plant-based estrogens). The patented extraction process results in a product that provides consistent results.

PROMOTES UTERINE AND OVARIAN HEALTH – Finally, you can support a healthy menstrual cycle and maintain uterine health, naturally! Only Crila Health utilizes Dr. Tram’s proprietary Crinum latifolium cultivar and extraction process in their concentrated encapsulated formulas. Other brands may cite Dr. Tram’s research, but only the cultivar used in Crila products contains the key ingredients that have been clinically researched and proven!

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – We are so confident that you will love our Menopause Health Formula that we back it with a 30-day guarantee, hassle-free. Our pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing standards result in a natural, herbal option that provides consistent results. Our founder has devoted her life’s work to the evidence-based scientific study of herbs found in Vietnamese health traditions.