High Maintenance Cleaner


For low-maintenance Blanket cleanup.

Non-toxic Probiotic Formula
Natural Gentle Cleaning Ingredients
Pure Essential Oil Blend
Safe For You & Environment

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We created HIGH MAINTENANCE to keep your Sauna Blanket clean-ups low maintenance. This unique blend of non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients cleanses your device and purifies your space, without inviting unwelcome chemicals into your home or unnecessary waste into our world. A luxurious blend of five essential oils – Palmarosa, Siberian Fir, Sweet Basil, Peppermint, Litsea Cubeba – gives HIGH MAINTENANCE a revitalizing aroma, while a base of pure botanical ingredients make this a potent cleaning solution.

How does the cleaning set work? Simply mix the concentrate with water, inside the refillable aluminum bottle included with this set. Let your Sauna Blanket cool down after use, spray the HIGH MAINTENANCE mixture on the device’s body, and wipe dry before storing away. This effortless maintenance routine helps you keep your device in top condition, so you can focus on getting hot and high during every sweat session.

What’s included in this cleaning set? A concentrate vial of our naturally cleansing, non-toxic formula and a refillable aluminum bottle. Next time that you are running low on HIGH MAINTENANCE, all you will need to restock is the concentrate vial.


What’s included:
Three – 1 oz vial of HIGH MAINTENANCE cleaning concentrate
400 ml reusable aluminum spray bottle.
Concentrate Ingredients:
•  ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: A luxurious blend of five (ethically harvested) essential oils gives this cleaner a fresh, uplifting aroma: Palmarosa, Siberian Fir, Sweet Basil, Peppermint, Litsea Cubeba.
•  CAPRYLYL GLUCOSIDE: A biodegradable, sugar-derived cleanser with a top safety rating from EWG. Effective, gentle, and not an environmental toxin.
•  PROBIOTIC: Provides a deep clean, gets into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and generates enzymes that will continue to protect the surface of your device over time.
•  Sodium Gluconate: All-natural preservative that helps keep your cleaner free from unwanted microbes.