Infrared Sauna Blanket

We made the #1 sauna blanket even hotter Elevates the body’s thermal energy Enhances deep relaxation Promotes glowing skin Improves circulation


Red Light Face Mask

Get your glow on. Rejuvenates Skin Activates Natural Glow Boosts Mood Functional Cordless Design


eGift Card

Wellness is a gift with a compound interest.


Holiday Specials - Bundle and Save up to $550

Holiday Specials - Bundle and Save up to $550

Detox Drops

ACTIVATE A DEEP CLEAN. Deepen your body's natural detox Easy-to-digest, plant-powered formula Binds to toxins & gently clears Boosts immune…


High Dration Powder

SWEAT, HIGH-DRATE, REPEAT. Refuel after sweat session Replace vital electrolytes Ignite and inside-out glow Elevate your energy levels


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