Working with a dream practitioner to help you interpret your dream language is a great way to discover how your dreams inform your life.

Dreams are always subject to interpretation, and it is up to the dreamer, not the practitioner, to feel what the message is teaching them. A dream practitioner is a guide, but the dreamer is the ultimate one to know what a particular dream means to you.

A nightmare or recurring dream is often what brings people to a practitioner that can assist them in working through and discovering what might be the underlying message.

We often work out our fears in our dream state, so when we understand the dream, it makes it easier for us to function in our waking hours.

There are many universal dream symbols that have been given a certain meaning, but each individual may find their own interpretation of a particular symbol.

I have journaled my dreams for decades, which is what made me want to become a dream practitioner, not only to have a deeper knowledge for myself but to have another tool I could use in my practice.

Our dreams can help give us another perspective when we’re dealing with the choices we make every day in our waking life.

Daydreams are something I have a particular interest in, since I have been a daydreamer all my life and often made to feel as if it was a personal flaw with no redeeming qualities. In recent years, they have discovered that daydreaming is a fundamental aspect of the human mind as well as an essential tool for creativity.

Recurring Dreams are often a function of patterns and situations in our life that keep coming back, letting us know we still have more work to do in order to release fear or a weakness that is keeping us stuck.

The world of dreams is vast. The transformations that I have personally experienced and also witnessed in dream circles is that when we pay attention to our dreams, (the language of the soul), we receive messages that help us transform and improve circumstances and relationships.

I have found that working and journaling my dreams has helped me move forward in positive ways. I enjoy helping others discover how their dreams can do the same for them.

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