What is a DreamWork Practioner

I have been studying and journaling my dreams for decades, so when I had the opportunity to become a Certified Dream Practioner with Dream Doctor, Kelly Sullivan Walden I jumped at the chance to add this to my practice. 

Over 20 years ago I became an Alchemical Hypnotherapist which I incorporated into my work with actors along with Drama Therapist  Phoebe Rubin we taught, wrote and directed several autobiographical theatre performance pieces in San Francisco.

I’ve been blessed to have both a television and radio show HealingQuest.tv which aired on PBS stations now streaming on several platforms as well as a Radio show on iHeart Media. This has allowed me to meet, interview and in some cases study with many of the thought leaders and healers in the mind, body, spirt world.

As much as I love hosting and sharing these lifestyle choices available to all of us on TV and Radio, I miss doing one on one consulting, having that personal connection that having a private session with people allows.

Did you have a dream last night or last month where you were flying or being chased, or maybe you had a visitation from a loved one that has passed and you’re wondering what these dreams might be trying to tell you that will help you in your waking life?

The transformations that I have personally experienced and seen with my dream buddies is that when we pay attention to our dreams, the language of the soul, we receive messages that help us transform and improve situations and relationships.

Join Kelly and me on the first Wednesday of every month for a Wild Woman Dream Circle. 
It’s Fun, Lively and can be Life Altering.

What is A Wild Woman Dream Circle?

The Wild Woman Dream Circle with A.K.A.
Doctor Dream Kelly Sullivan Walden

She felt the nudge to create an online Dream Circle while simultaneously wanting to HOWL at the moon and scream at the rafters to break through all the social and political unrest.

THE WORLD NEEDS WILD WOMEN! Is what she heard, and this workshop is the response to that call.

a sneak peek into a previous Wild Women Dream Circle

In each class, you will explore aspects of your powerful side through:

  • An exploration of a particular slice of your “Life Pie” (i.e. health, wealth, romance, love, creativity, travel, service…)

  • Dream Incubation

  • Lucid Dreaming challenge

  • Visioning meditation

  • Journaling prompts

  • Dream exploring and reflecting

  • Dream Activation

  • Group wisdom

We meet the first Wednesday of each month

4-6 pm PST (7-9 pm EST)

Suggested Donation: $50

or $444 for a YEAR of Wild Women Dream Circles (save $156) and receive audio and video recordings of the circles you miss.

Please Select: Wild Women Circle $50.00 USDYear in Advance $444.00 USD

or pay thru Venmo

(You’ll receive your Zoom link once you register)

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