Alchemical Hypnotherapy

The Power of Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been a powerful force transforming the world of psychotherapy for years. Tapping into the subconscious minds untapped resources of inner power. Alchemical Hypnotherapy parallels in many ways the theories and processes of the ancient alchemists whose true task was the use of these inner powers to transform the mental and emotional debris of our subconscious into the Gold of Self – Realization.

Working with a person’s sub personalities, such as their inner critic, inner child, Saboteur, inner father, and mother and many more we learn from ourselves the best guidance for transformation.

The primary purpose of Alchemical Hypnotherapy is to assist you in contacting your own true guides, who take over the process from the therapist and lead to new levels of happiness, love, creativity, and healing power.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy


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