Been - there - done that - learned a lot

-with Judy Rae

Wild Woman Wisdom

been there - done that - learned a lot

- With Judy Rae

Health Benefits of Royal Jelly

Healing Moment: Waterfalls

Healing Moment: Anything

Wild Woman Wednesday

Dream Circle with Kelly Sullivan Walden.

The wild woman in you is the one rumbling in your heart, beckoning you to be bolder, less afraid—not foolish— but adventurous, more true to you.

Judy’s Dream Practioner Practice

My Favorites & Finds

For over 30 years I have been on, yes, a quest for the most practical, most useful information on natural health and wellness. I’ve traveled the world interviewing leading-edge physicians, scientists, healers, farmers, chefs, shamans, yogis and more for our Healing Quest TV series seen on PBS stations from coast to coast and heard on the weekly Healing Quest show on iHeart radio.

We are frequently asked for personal recommendations about what products and services we use. You can imagine that over the years we’ve been exposed to many different products and modalities for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Based on research and our vetting process with experts and thought leaders in the field, plus our own experience using these products I’ve compiled a curated store to share a few of my favorite things. When I find something new that works you`ll hear about it here. I’m also always excited to learn about what's new, so let me know if you have products or favorites.

wild woman Wisdom


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